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Mining and Agriculture – Webinar

Prof. Wayne Truter | Associate Professor Forage, Pasture, Livestock & Land Regeneration Specialist

PhD (Agric); MSc (Agric); BSc (Agric); MGSSA, IAEA, Pri. Sci. Nat

Is currently a Professor and Research Programme Director of the Forage-, Pasture-, Livestock Production and Land Regeneration Sciences (FPLRS) programme hosted in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences and Enterprises University of Pretoria, funded by FPLRI Research and Innovation Institute. Wayne is also the Director of the African Forage, Fodder, Feed and Food Quality Reference Laboratory at Enterprises University of Pretoria (AF4RICA Lab).

His main field of specialization is to understand the interrelationships between soil, vegetation, water, livestock and wildlife in the agricultural discipline and the discipline of Land Regeneration of mined and disturbed agricultural land. He has spent 25 years conducting research and evaluating forage, pasture production and rehabilitated land use management systems. This is in addition to establishing environmentally acceptable methods of regenerating disturbed areas, by ultimately re-vegetating these areas with selective forages and pastures and other industrial crops to improve the agricultural potential of degraded areas to be utilised in integrated crop. Pasture and livestock production management systems. His research further extends into reclaiming and regenerating degraded agricultural and mined land, using many types of vegetation species for renewable energy applications, phytoremediation and Phytomining. vegetation species.

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